We provide a complete suite of white glove services for pharmacies and pharmaceuticals, to better serve their needs.

Benefits Verification (BV)

Benefits Investigation (BI)

Claims Adjudication (CA)

Bridge Program and Consignment Services

Lower cost on prescriptions

Improved Coverage

The BuckRx Portal is our proprietary system for handling PV, BV, CA, and PA.

The system allows login of Pharmacy, Doctors, and Drug Manufacturers to access subsystems of the Portal.

Why BuckRx for Independent Pharmacies?

  • Better Reimbursement
  • No DIR
  • NO GER (Generic Equivalent Ratio)
  • Preferred network under Buck Rx.
  • Use Buck Rx as discount card and Gain Rebate from Manufactures.

Why Buck Rx for Drug Manufactures?

  • Access to Compliment network of Pharmacies
  • Compliance Monitoring to monitor Gross to Net and abuse on Card .
  • Use Buck Rx as discount card and Gain Rebate from Manufactures.
  • We can provide manufacturers with actual prescription abandonment rates. No one is providing and very valuable and marketable data.

Why Buck Rx for
Patients ?

  • Discount Card program. To help them find cheapest option for their medication.
  • Generic pricing to beat Good Rx
  • Pass through to patient for rebates and avoid fees that good rx charges to Pharmacies.
  • Cheaper and quality OTC and Nutraceuticals to Patients recommendation depending on what Rx items they are taking